Setup of My Computer

    I am always a fan of the concept of living document. I think it begins not long after I got my first job after graduated from Uni. After an intense period of development, we started a long boring process of replenishing documentation for the software.
    A living document, also known as an evergreen document or dynamic document, is a document that is continually edited and updated. -- Wikipedia


    I've been using zsh for a long time, for it's power. But I found that I don't need those power most of the time and it's a pain to maintain a complex config. Then I found fish. I am currently settled on it. I also have a simple bash setup, because you will always run into it somehow. It's everywhere.


    This is the heaviest of them all. I switch from system to system, finally settled on spacemacs (again).


    Yes, I also use vim from time to time. Not so often though.


    My daily computer is running macOS. Sometimes I need to switch between different devices (work MacBook Pro, iMac at home...). This is for getting them in sync. Also make life easier after I bought a new computer or reinstall the system for some reason.


    Tmux is a must have for me because I live in terminals.

    Other Small things