Finally Dipping my Toes in Swift

    Swift is getting there. The language is maturing by day. The community is
    incredible. With version 3 coming, I think it is time to dip my toes in it.

    The Experience

    The language feels extremely elegant in my opinion. I agree most of thedecisions made by the designer of the language. Which makes it very easy for meto learn. Took me an hour to get the big picture through [[][Getting Started withSwift - WWDC 2016]], which by the way, is a good starting point for anyone withbackground of other programming languages. And roughly another hour to play withit in Xcode. Then I started to write real code.

    Dependency Manager

    A good dependency management system is essential for any project. Afterdigging around, I found that cocoapods is the established solution for that.However, I found Carthage/Carthage is the new black now. Also personally Ilike Carthage's design philosophy better. I followed [[][Creating your first iOSFramework]] from thoughtbot to setup my own framework project.